When you come down for breakfast, we hope to give you a really lovely start to the day!

Cooking and baking (and eating!) is something we both love, and we are constantly striving to offer a top breakfast selection, with a lot of delicious choices of the highest quality.

You will be met with a waft of Andy's really yummy homemade bread. A recipe from Paul Hollywood that Andy has now tweaked to be just right, with a blend of browns a white flour, and that crunchy crust.

Andy's homemade beautifully creamy yogurt has been a stable for a long time on the self-service counter. And now there are the new additions to go very well with the yogurt: Homemade granola and the homemade fruit compote.

For the cooked breakfast, it is up to you if you will take the traditional English breakfast, with the local Cumberland sausage and bacon, black pudding, or go for our options of salmon, porridge, our homemade beans, home made pancakes. Our eggs are as local and free range as they come; from the lovely little farm just five minutes down the valley and delivered to our door fresh every Thursday.

We always do our best to cater for any special diets. From gluten-free bread to soya milk, and vegetarian sausages and black pudding.

We hope you'll enjoy it!